Krug Grande Cuvée,169ème Édition, Champagne, France

Krug Grande Cuvée,169ème Édition


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Krug Grande Cuvée is born from the dream of one man, Joseph Krug, to craft the very best Champagne he could offer, every single year, regardless of annual variations in climate. Since 1843, the House of Krug has honoured this vision and every year since a new Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée is created to offer the most generous expression of Champagne.

This bottle belongs to the 169ème Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée, a blend of 146 wines from 11 different years. The youngest is from the year 2013 and the oldest dates back to 2000. Seven years in Krug’s cellars gives this Édition its remarkable expression and elegance. Every glass poured from it is the fruit of more than 20 years of careful craftsmanship.
Vendor: House of Krug
Name: Krug Grande Cuvée,169ème Édition
Type: Champagne
Volume: 750 ML
Location: France

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