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Ruinart - Blanc De Blanc Champagne Set of 6

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Our Award Winning Artisinal Champagnes!

Michel Gonet Champagne, established in 1802, has a long history of crafting exceptional sparkling wines. and is known for its commitment to quality, traditional methods, and exquisite craftsmanship. Michel Gonet Champagne offers a range of cuvées, including Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, and Rosé champagnes. The champagnes are characterized by their fine bubbles, crisp acidity, and a beautiful balance of fruitiness and minerality.


Intricate as lingering jazz music with a texture of velvet, whisky, or whiskey, is one of the most loved liquors around the world that shouts sophistication. Mature, well-rounded and rich in flavour, a sip of whisky always blooms into an aroma of wood, spices, fruits and vanilla, depending on the region and brands you pick.

Whisky (or whiskey) is an alcoholic beverage made from grains including rye, wheat, barley, and corn. The grains are fermented and then distilled before aging in wooden casks for at least three years. During the aging process, different elements such as wood and smoke are added to create a range of flavours.

There are many types of whisky you can shop according to their geographic origin, or the type of grain used in production. The major types include Scotch whisky (from Scotland), Irish whiskey (from Ireland), Bourbon whiskey (from the United States), Canadian whisky (from Canada), Japanese whisky (from Japan) and Indian whisky. These whiskies differ in taste depending on the region they come from, or ingredients added during the distillation process.

If you claim to be a whisky and spirit enthusiast, look no further than Dram Good Stuff. Based in Hong Kong, we pride ourselves as one of the best specialist whisky shops in town that provides a comprehensive selection of top-quality whisky from every corner of the globe - all at competitive prices and top-notch quality. Our online store has an expansive whisky collection that includes hundreds of bottles from all regions of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Taiwan, the USA, India and Japan - all with their unique attributes

Chances are you may have come across the name of the liquor being spelt as “whiskey”. “Whiskey” and “whisky” generally refer to the same type of liquor. However, in the United States, “whiskey” is commonly spelt with an ‘e’, while in the UK, Scotland and other places like HK, the most typical spelling should be “whisky”.

Start or expand your whisky collection with some giant, premier industry big names available at our online store, such as The Macallan, Hibiki, Highland Park, Glenlivet, Glenfarclas, Chivas Regal, Johnny Walker, Monkey Shoulder, and so much more. To complement the single malt whiskies, there is a wide range of pure malts, deluxe blends and other liquors to cater for all whisky tastes.

Take genuine advice from our ​resident whisky ambassador Kam to select the best bottle that caters to your taste buds. An avid whisky drinker himself, Kam has spent the last 30 years savouring all kinds of whisky from around the world. Be it single malts or blended whiskies, he is committed to sharing his passion and personal reviews on whisky with every customer.

If you are looking to host an important event or large party, we also offer curation services to ensure the best drinks are served to beloved guests at reasonable wholesale price levels. At Dram Good Stuff HK, our team of experienced whisky specialists are ready for your next whisky pairing dinner or corporate and private VIP, tailored experiences in our shop. For whisky lovers that are on the hunt for a specific bottle, reach out to us via our online store so that we can help to locate it for whatever your special occasion. Enjoy our free delivery service available for orders over $2,000 purchased on our online store, and savour outstanding whiskies in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you consider yourself a whisky expert or have just begun to explore the famous brown liquor, join us on the journey of discovering the good dram! And, while you’re at it, why not explore our curated range of tequilas, white wines, and champagnes?