Christened yachts and ocean liners; served at weddings around the world; recognised as a must-have for celebrations, the global love to buy champagne has lasted for centuries and never seems to stop.

Thanks to the region's distinct terroir and weather, grapes for producing sparkling wine grow better in champagne than elsewhere in the entire world, making the region's name an equivalent of top-quality French sparkling wine. The quality of the grapes is strictly governed by regulations. Among all produce, only 7 specific varieties of grapes are allowed in the production of champagne, in any combination. While several of them are rare, a majority of champagne that you can buy in Hong Kong is made with only 3 of those grapes, including Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay.

Although champagne is considered a member of the sparkling wine family, the flavours of champagne, especially the ones you buy in Hong Kong, vary quite a lot with sparkling wines. The result of the champagne region’s extremely cold climate and limestone soils create extremely distinctive taste profiles and textures. Lots of the champagnes available on the market are categorised as Non-Vintage (NV) Champagnes. A step up would be a Vintage and at the very top, are prestige Cuvee Champagnes.

The second you sip it, a good champagne could be both creamy and crispy at the same time. Apart from the golden ones, opt also for rosé champagnes in Hong Kong that are made with additional Pinot Noir. They usually give out a deeper flavour and are sometimes richer in both texture and taste.

As a dedicated liquor store in Hong Kong, you can expect to buy the best quality champagne from Dram Good Stuff HK with different choices that cater to both your budget and palate. We offer some of the most well-known bottles around the world, including champagne from the prestigious Dom Perignon and, Louis Roederer, to more affordable Bottega S.P.A, Ruinart, Delamotte, Laurent Perrier, Michel Gonet, Perrier Jouet and Veuve Clicquot.

If you want to buy a spectacular bottle of champagne and get it delivered to Hong Kong, start your search by reaching out to our friendly customer service team. We are here to allocate our global connections to find the bottle of your dream. Alongside our champagnes, Dram Good Stuff HK offers a meticulously curated range of tequilas, white wines, and other acclaimed spirits like Macallan’s whiskeys. Enjoy free delivery to Hong Kong of your choice of champagnes and other liquors if you spend over $2,000 with us.


1. How do you store champagne?

Champagne should typically be stored in a cool, dark area standing upright. However, for long-term storage, it is best stored on its side to prevent the cork from drying out and oxidising. The ideal temperature for champagne storage is between 8-10°C (47-50°F). If you live in a humid place like Hong Kong, it’s important to keep humidity levels low because high humidity can cause damp corks and risk ruining the champagne over time. Lastly, make sure your bottles are stored out of direct sunlight as this can heat up your bottles and age them prematurely.

2. How long does champagne last after opening?

Once opened, champagne should be consumed within three to five days to fully experience the bubbly's full flavour. Beyond this point, the taste will begin to dull, and the carbonation will fade. Make sure to keep the champagne refrigerated in an airtight bottle to ensure that your champagne maintains its flavour and quality for the longest time possible.

3. What pairs well with champagne?

High-quality champagne is great to sip, savour and enjoy on its own. However, it goes beautifully with a variety of foods as well. At Dram Good Stuff HK, we recommend pairing champagne with salty and savoury dishes that can stand up to the intensity of the bubbles and acidic taste of the beverage, including salty snacks like cheese crisps or pretzels; rich seafood such as lobster, caviar or smoked salmon; poultry-inspired dishes such as roasted chicken or quail; and pork-based dishes such as pork roast with mustard sauce. Additionally, light desserts work well after a multi-course meal featuring champagne. Think delicate tarts made with seasonal fruit or lightly sweetened custards like panna cotta topped with fresh berries.


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Ruinart Rose Champagne, 750ml
Ruinart Rose Champagne, France, 750 ml