About Us

Dram Good Stuff evolved from a very simple concept … Let’s drink the good stuff and let’s make it available at a good price. So how does one determine the “good stuff” – in our case it was very easy… we stock and recommend what we like to drink ourselves!


Be it 10 years old or 40 years old, if our resident Whisky Ambassador, Kam, likes it, we stock it. Kam has been an avid whisky consumer for over 30 years and has tasted an extensive selection of both single malts and blended whiskies from around the world and the goal has always been to share this passion and introduce these “dream drams” to all those around us. As for the price, we made a conscious decision to move a little out of Central and a little away from the main road, and then up a few floors, in an old building – why? Low rents equal low cost and what we save, you save!


Dram Good Stuff also offers curation services for Private VIP Collections as well as wholesale prices for large scale ballroom events or private parties and corporate tastings. It would, of course, be impossible to stock everything so if there is a bottle that’s missing from your collection, we would be happy to use our global resources to find that something special for you or find a specific vintage to commemorate a milestone birthday or anniversary. Drop by and share a dram with us … it’s the good stuff!