White Wine

Whether you’re an uninitiated drinker or an alcohol and wine aficionado in Hong Kong, chances are you have come across white wines every now and then. No wine collection would be completed without a bottle of good white wine.

You can buy all of Dram Good Stuff’s white wines from our online store and in our Hong Kong store at affordable and competitive prices. To ensure the best quality, we source white wines from credible sources with regional certifications. For example, you can find wines with the Italian DOCG abbreviation, which testifies that the white wines are made following the strictest regulations possible, and then tested by the regional, professional committee to ensure geographical authenticity and quality. If you are looking to buy HDV white wines in Hong Kong, the products of a partnership between two extremely accomplished winemaking families – the Hydes, based in Napa Valley and the de Villaines, based in Burgundy, France – our online shop has you covered as well.

Together with our fair pricing and unique range of white wines available to buy online, we are also proud of delivering exceptional customer service. Dedicated to serving as a community hub for liquor lovers of all types, we host regular tastings and pairing dinners with white wines and other alcoholic beverages in our Hong Kong showroom. With our team and resident Ambassador Kam’s professional advice, we hope to spread our love for top-quality wines and liquors and introduce the culture to everyone around us in Hong Kong. If you wish to tap into the world of amazing white wines and liquors, drop by our Hong Kong store or simply reach out to us online. Not only can we arrange for private tastings, but we can also help you locate and buy a special bottle of white wine (or any other liquor) to commemorate a milestone occasion here in Hong Kong. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and can also assist with events or other matters related to the wonderful world of liquors.

Feel free to browse and buy from our range of white wines available on our online store. Orders over $2,000 qualify for free shipping, and we are more than happy to ship your white wine together with any champagnes, tequilas, whiskeys, and other beverages bought online from us.


1. What goes well with white wine?

White wine can be complemented by a variety of different foods. Depending on the style of white wine, sources online may advise you to pair it with dishes such as grilled fish, creamy pasta dishes, or even salads and light appetizers. Generally, if you are drinking a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, try pairing it with lighter fare like vegetable-based salads and other seafood options such as seared scallops or shrimp skewers. On the other hand, for bolder white wines such as Chardonnay, flavour combinations work best when contrasted together - think sweet fruits paired with tangy sauces like lemon-caper butter sauce or tart balsamic glaze over grilled chicken breasts.

2. How do you store white wine?

Storing white wine correctly is a key part of preserving its flavour. Ideally, white wines should be stored at temperatures between 45-55°F and kept away from direct sunlight as it can damage the delicate aromas and tastes of the wine. If you’re living in a humid location like Hong Kong, it’s also important that you store your white wines in a humidity-controlled environment, as exposure to too much humidity may cause mould growth on the cork. When dealing with corked bottles, make sure they are stored horizontally so that the liquid stays in contact with the cork and keeps it moist.

3. Where should you buy white wine in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has a range of online and physical wine stores that offer a variety of white wines. For the most competitive prices and an extensive selection of high-quality white wines, Dram Good Stuff HK is an excellent option. In addition to our physical wine shop in Central, Hong Kong, we also have an online shop, where you can either choose to pick up in-store or have your white wines and liquors delivered straight to your doorstep!


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