Shizuoka - Contact S

Distillery: Shizuoka
Name: Contact S
Volume: 70CL
ABV: 55.5%
Type: Single Malt
Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Description: After Prologue K and Prologue W, Shizuoka distillery has released their third whisky: Contact S. It’s a blend of distillates from both ex-Karuizawa distilling equipment and a wood-fired wash still from Scotland. Contact S was made using Japanese barley malt, Scottish peated and unpeated malt and German beer malt, while the barrels used were primarily first-fill Bourbon barrels and quarter casks. A total outturn of 5,000 bottles was released. This is a rounded well-balanced whisky composed from two different but complementary pot stills, fruity with a long finish, perfect for all Japanese whisky lovers. This is also the first full-bottle whisky from Shizuoka Distillery to be exported outside of Japan.

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